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Dewi Persik : Breast Felt until Bras Dropdown incident

Dewi Persik : Breast Felt until Bras Dropdown incident

Insiden Ini terjadi saat Dewi Persik Membawakan lagu

Insiden buah dada (payudara) dewi persik diraba oleh fansnya alias lelaki nakal

Dewi Persik had the name of Dewi Murya Agung, was born in Jember, East Java on December 18 1985. He was a singer dangdut that jumped through unsteady the saw, that is the fluctuation that similar to the movement the saw that advanced-retreated.
The name of Persik (in english:peach) was personally given by his manager, who hoped his career shone like the peach, that is from China that it was considered the luck bearer.

Apart from indeed the daughter of the couple H.Mochammad Aidil and Hj.Sri Muna same had the descendants's Chinese blood from his grandmother. Dewi's song including being entitled the Pentas Star, apart from also starred in the MANIS DREAM film, that sountrack him was enough to be known by the community.

The goddess personally was the wife of the singer dangdut Saiful Jamil, that married him on June 26 2005. Just a year married, Saiful sued Dewi in August 2006 for divorce. However after several times the session, both of them chose to refer.
That not yet a year ended 'failed to separate', Saiful and Dewi again were apart the house, and Saiful then sent the divorce lawsuit. This time the problem was then still same like their first 'divorce', about Dewi's clothes that too much were open.
After through several times the meeting, the Religious Court Jakarta Utara said both of them official was separated on January 14 2008.

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