Kamis, 21 Agustus 2008

LO tau GA siicch??


sandra dewi indonesian hot girl in sexy magazineAfter being jumped at nude pictures of the engineering, the prestige of Sandra Dewi (Indonesian Girl Actress) continues to soar. A film just was entitled "ELANG" (eagle) that will carry in ANTV succeed in being starred in by her.This film will differ from his previous film. Previously Sandra plays as sweet girl behave soft and yield.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Asmirandah : Sexy Indo Girl Choose Friends than Went Out

Asmirandah artis Gadis ABG indo cantik seksi Sexy Indo Girl Choose Friends than Went Out

Than went out she was better to choose the career. That is talked by Asmirandah, film actress in responding to her nearness gossip with Andika Pratama. There were no special relations between Asmirandah and Andika Pratama.
Except the friendship and normally relationship like other Asmirandah friends.

"If meeting with him, thats only normal feeling, because I did not feel I went out with him" he said light in the Peninsula hotel, on Friday night (14/3). But the main actress in AZIZAH film did not reject that Andika noose as the pleasant guy had a taste for the humour. "For this purpose he unlike that was other, he could be asked to joke", she said.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Advantages of Attending Fashion Schools

Advantages of Attending Fashion Schools

Fashion is where money is. The public has grown so obsessed with Hollywood that encourages the fashion industry to evolve on its lucrative growth. Instant popularity is at hand if you have the right combination of everything (say right choice of endorser, right choice of fashion ideas, innovative and creative sense of fashion and the likes).

Nonetheless, the fashion industry is a hard business to penetrate. You must be equipped with the knowledge and influences that would provide you the maximum exposure you need to deliver your creations into the industry. But still, most of everything is commanded by your brilliance in designing that would give you center stage.

Your talent might be there. It is an innate property that can't be stolen from you. It is in your own discretion though to let that talent turn into passion. But talent and skills are not enough. You have to undergo formal instructions to be able to hone those special features and direct them specifically towards becoming the best of your self. This is the basic principle why fashion schools exist and continue to serve budding artists. They provide guidance and supplemental training to drive the artist to achieve with his creations. While online fashion schools have been gathering fame in the fashion industry, this still does not negate the fact that hands-on training and face-to-face instructions can't be equaled even by the best online degree offers.

Since you are considering entering a fashion school, it is expected of you to be knowledgeable enough on the fundamentals of fashion designing and basic awareness on designing. However, this is not an implication that the student must produce ramp-quality creations initially. Instead, you are expected to bring out the brilliance in simple designs and create concepts that you may have patterned on the works of some great fashion designers or better yet, designs of your own concepts.

Remember that fashion designers only make name in the industry when they have produced something genuinely creative that can cater the present fashion sense while having the originality and good sense of distinction from other fashion trends.

You may not be possessing this nature for the moment. But the thing is, an efficient fashion school could best bring out the brilliance in you and in your creations. Initially, you may be producing rubbish concepts but this would be set off with good learning you have acquired from a formal school.

sexy fashion school girl

Some people may contend that even without proper education, an artist can create fashion trends that will be embraced by the public. Yes, that might be true. But remember that there are too few individuals who have made it into the fashion scene with the littlest formal study. Besides, even the trends in fashion change. What may have been true before cant be exactly true now. A formal schooling would update you of the most recent trends and the analysis of past styles that have recreated the industry.

A fashion school, like tertiary education will help you seek out your niche. You might have creative ideas lurking in your mind but these free-flowing ideas would be turned into nothing if not properly directed.

Moreover, the experiences of instructors in the fashion schools would be passed down on you. Thus, you are less likely to fall into the same pitfalls they have arisen from themselves.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Romanticism of celeb at Java Jazz Festival 2008

Several couples selebritas appearance struggled with the spectator's congestion even biggest jazz the homeland, Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta Convention Center Senayan.
It was Bebi Romeo-Meisya and Mona Ratuliu-Indra, the closeness one friends as well as warm him domestic relations, was pointed out by them although tired could not be covered from their face permanently could smile.

And the uniqueness, Verlita was willing to sit with the boyfriend among the long row of the spectator in order to see the appearance of Bobby Caldwell that was special performance that night.

In other the side, JJF this time for Eno Netral as becoming the site to introduce his new sweetheart, Marissa, after breaking up with the older brother Julie Estelle, Vj Cathy although apparently Eno was still being very embarrassed when the reporter's camera took his picture when going together with the artist of GENGSI GEDE-GEDEAN.

Was not left behind, the artist Malaysian Ashraf Sinclair also came to Indonesia in order to be able to accompany the heart sweetheart, Bunga Citra Lestari saw this great performance.

"I had the work in Jakarta so at the same time then watched JJF this with the Flower, said Ashraf."

The couple of the artist of the country's difference who later could be made an issue of has been engaged this was seen increasingly sticky and so intimate by continuing to hold hands from the start of them came until them to move left the area of this jazz concert towards access penetrated to Sultan's Hotel.
Whether just wanted to eat dinner or spend time together ok?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gadis Manis asal Jakarta



* Female, 17, Single
* Interested In: Friends
* Location: Jakarta, Jakarta, ID

"cW yAng mUdaH jAtuH ciNtA tP tErLaLu miLiH........... cW yAng mO'a diPerhatiiN....... w pLing bEnci nUnggU,,tyUs mA..."

# Schools (Other):

zmK pErgUrUan rAkyAt
# Hobbies and Interests:

baCa nOvEL, nGemiL, nOntoN....dEeLeL
# Favorite Movies:

HoRoooooRrrrrr nD rOmaNtizZz.............
# Favorite Music:

pOp & RnB...
# Favorite TV Shows:

LemOn tEa & cOokiEs
# About Me:

cW yAng mUdaH jAtuH ciNtA tP tErLaLu miLiH...........

cW yAng mO'a diPerhatiiN.......

w pLing bEnci nUnggU,,tyUs mA orAng yAng siRik mA w....
mUdAh teRsingGung,,bAe..bWeL..
apA agi yAh???
# Who I Want to Meet:

w mO dyA tAu....
kLo w sAyAng dyA.........

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Julie Estelle Photos with sexy bikini in holiday

Kapanlagi.com was report- ended photos of a girl who was similar to Nadia Saphira posed intimate with a man in the internet, currently the turn of the beautiful artist Julie Estelle that get dammit. Several this photographs of KUNTILANAK 3 star circulated in the internet the last few days.

Julie was embrace by Moreno Soeprapto on the boat

In several pics, this sister VJ Cathy Sharon wearing the black colour bikini had a motive, with his boyfriend,Moreno Soeprapto, a female friend, one other man was going on holiday in a coast.
In one picture, Julie sat in the Moreno lap on the boat that was having, in Julie's other photos with a woman who also put on the bikini, a temporary sail in Julie's other pics posed with Moreno and his two friends with the background of the atmosphere of the complete coast with coconut tree, and the other pics, Julie was on the boat with several people.

Julie posed with Moreno and his two friends

Julie Estelle sat in the Moreno lap

Julie with a woman who also put on the bikini

Julie Estelle sat with sexy bikini was on the boat with several people

These photos like that were similar to Julie, whether true or not Julie still could not be contacted and did not yet give the official response.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Nadia Saphira : Cute Young Star

Nadia Saphira, was born in Jakarta, on October 20 1987. Her name began to be known when starring in the wide screen film directed by the director Hanung Bramantyo, JOMBLO (2006), that afterwards took herself often starred in the film and the wide screen.

Nadia that currently is recorded as the student the Pelita Harapan University, also was one of the wide screen film stars, COKLAT STROBERI with Marsha Timothy, Nino Fernandez and Mario Merdhithia.

Apart from also starred in the version of the film serial was single and the film ADA APA DENGAN CINTA. The woman who admitted to wanting to marry in the age 25 years, also took part in supporting several success films, that among them serial LIONTIN and IMPIAN CINDERELA.

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